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Steemit is a revolutionary social media/ blogging website that uses blockchain technology!

This is basically my blog. It is also one of my favorite ways to earn cryptocurrency (you can too 👍).  Please follow me on Steemit for updates on my business endeavors, travel, philosophy and memes and more!

About Steemit:  Steemit.com is the world’s fastest growing decentralized social media platform. Steemit connects to a robust blockchain database called Steem. This blockchain database distributes rewards in cryptocurrency to the users who bring the best content (blogs, comments, videos etc.) to the Steemit site. 


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I also upload all my videos to DTube, which is a Steemit app for video.


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The True Liberty Podcast

The world today is broken. There is poverty, suffering, violence, and enslavement. These conditions are not the proper state of the world, nor are they necessary. This world is a reflection of the people within it; people who do not understand Truth, people who are not Free.

An answer without a question is a solution without a problem. The world is full of people arguing about answers, but not understanding the questions. One cannot be Free without knowing the Truth, and one cannot learn the Truth without asking questions. One cannot ask questions when one believes he already knows the answer.

A better world is possible. A world of Free people, people who seek the Truth. This is the world we wish to create; this is the world in which we want to live. We know it is possible, but we cannot build it alone, for as one suffers, all suffer. By asking questions, and inviting others to ask them with us, together we will learn the Truth, and the Truth will set us Free.


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